VolcaJamII Winner – Ido Pardo

Ido Pardos entry into VolcajamII is very impressive, utilising four volcas, The vSample,  vBass, vFM and the vSample along with some FX units. He blew the competition away and won with an unanimous decision, winning the magnificent prize booty which included a @KorgUK Volca Mix Performance Mixer, a @RetrokitsDev RK-004 MIDI/Thru/Merge/Tempo Hub and a @korple Swing Cheeks Stand!

Congratulations Ido! a worthy winner!

A track using only volcas as a sound source with added effects.(not shown)
Routing: Volca bass – hall of fame reverb – octatrack delay – mixer Volca fm – compressor – mixer Volca keys – zoom ms70cdr particle reverb – mixer Volca sample – mixer Theres some added compression on the master.
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