VolcaJam V Winner – Ido Pardo

Ido Pardo returns with a second winning VolcaJam entry, along with his favourite four volcas, The vSample,  vBass, vFM and the vSample along with some FX units.

Ido walked away with the amazing booty of @KorgUK Volca NuBass, a @RetrokitsDev RK-006 Portable USB MIDI/Gate Hub,@MyVolts RED mickXer, cables, Ripcord, splitter cables, power bank and a @rakit_kits Mini Atari Punk Console Kit!

LIve chillout session using korg volca keys, fm, sample and bass, with some external effects( korg nts-1, ms-70cdr,microkorg xl) Microkorg xl is also connected via midi to play the volca fm more comfortably, and adding some ping pong delay.
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